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Gold & Wood

Pure luxury. Passion and time drive the hands of the artisans, who craft each component, one by one, in the purest tradition of exclusive eyewear. It takes three days to craft a pair of temples of such remarkable quality. It is the naturalness of rare and exotic woods, the incomparable quality of buffalo horn, the originality of carbon fibre and the exceptional properties of titanium that enhance the inimitable qualities of Gold & Wood.


Luxurious, brilliantly colored acetate glasses that are always comfortable, always glamorous. Hand crafted in France in the traditional methods for seamless quality and strength. Beausoleil eyeglasses are known all over the world for their perfect mix of technology and history, of originality and modernity.

ProDesign Denmark

ProDesign brings the essential spirit of Danish design and lifestyle values to the global eyewear market. People admire its clean and simple lines, consistent high quality and unique ability to combine lightness of form with functional strength. ProDesign embodies these elements in its eyewear collections to create a look and appeal which is unmistakably Danish.


Taking the world by storm, this innovative titanium eyewear is so unobtrusive it suits everyone. All unnecessary details have been done away with and the frame is designed without screws, rivets or welds. It represents a beautiful example of Danish minimalist design tradition. No other products in the world have won so many international design prizes as LINDBERG eyewear. Their patented and innovative eyewear building system makes it possible to put together a unique and personal spectacle to suit the wearer in terms of shape, color, and size.



Gold & Wood

Pure luxury applied to exceptional sunglasses for discerning men and women.

Maui Jim

These fashion-forward frame styles appeal to both men and women and embody the island life with a timeless statement reflecting a confident inner vibe.


Eyewear Accessories


Readers designed for wearers who demand distinctive, high quality glasses that express their image and smack of attitude.

La Loop

Stylish and elegant, each seasonal collection of La Loop necklaces integrate the highest quality materials, including precious stones, silver and gold, with international fashion trends. Each necklace has a patented hinged loop that firmly holds glasses in place.